The ‘MrThaiBox123’ technology brand is one of the fastest growing in Europe and THE largest in the UK. Consisting of both a blog and also a fully partnered YouTube channel

With videos on YouTube attracting over 750,000 views per month and the blog website around the same its a great place to advertise your products or brands.

If you have a product which you would like to gain a significant amount of exposure then please do get in touch. With the video and blog views as mentioned above along with over 20,000 followers on Twitter and 10,000 Facebook likes you can really get your brand / product the exposure you require.

Various sponsorship / advertising packages are available.

Get your channel featured on my YouTube channel £20 per month

Website / Blog
125 x 125 rich media advert on the right of the website £100 per month (Appears on every page)
250 x 250 rich media advert on the right of the website £150 per month (Appears on every page)
468 × 60 rich media advert on the top of the website banner £250 per month (Appears on every page)

Sponsored by “name/brand/product” statement at the beginning of a video in text and spoken by myself £75 per video (£600 per 10 videos)
Five second video advert for “name/product/brand” in addition to the above £100 per video (£900 per 10 videos)
Thirty second video advert for “name/product/brand” at the end of every video in addition to both items above £125 per video (£1150 per 10 videos)

Please Contact me for any further information on any of the above.


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One comment on “Sponsor

  1. Tony on

    Dear Friend;
    This is Tony from Captain Team in China.
    We are a company that professionally focuses on oversea marketing brand promotion,
    we help clients with promote their product brands overseas,
    and I am writing to see if there is any business possibility that we could cooperate together.
    We promote brands in multi-fields, but more in technology.
    Youtube as one of the best Channels to boost more focus and traffics which can also lead to brand awareness and even leads to buy.
    Hope you could be in interested in cooperate with us.
    Looking forward to your reply soon! Thank you!

    Best Regards!


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