How to update Xperia S to Android 4.0 ICS Ice Cream Sandwich...

How to update Xperia S to Android 4.0 ICS Ice Cream Sandwich (Video)

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Download the Flashtool

You will find the installers here:

Go to the “installation” tab, download Flashtool installer v0.8.0.0 and run it

Then download the v0.8.6.0 Update and run it

You will have a new folder on your PC: c:\Flashtool

Download the ICS update firmware

You will find several download options here:….php?t=1723610, just pick one and download it, then come back here
SOME NOTICES (I know you are gonna ask):
- I know it is “Generic Switzerland” (CH) but nevermind: it is plain Sony Generic and works fine for any region and has ALL the languages and keyboards
The firmware is already prepared to be flashed via Flashtool in .FTF format. If the file you downloaded is .RAR then it is compressed (“zipped”) and you need to EXTRACT the .FTF with WinRAR (if you don’t have WinRAR download it from here:

Let’s update the phone!

- Copy the firmware FTF file to c:\Flashtool\Firmwares
Go to c:\Flashtool\Drivers and run “Flashtool-drivers.exe” to install the proper drivers for Xperia S
After installing the USB drivers reboot your PC
Go to c:\Flashtool and run “FlashTool” (if you have Windows 64 run “FlashTool64″)
Click the flash button (yes: the thunder icon up left)
- Select “Flahsmode” and click “OK”
- Select the “LT26 6.1.A.0.452″ firmware and click “OK”, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING ELSE
Flashtool will prepare the files for flashing, just be patient
A Window will pop up asking you to connect the phone in “Flashmode” showing instructions for an old Xperia phone: ignore it, here is how our shiny new Xperia S enters “Flashmode”:

- Turn off the phone
Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN key
- Keep it pressed, connect the USB cable to your PC
Release the Volume Down key when Phone LED turns GREEN indicating it is in “Flashmode”
Flashtool will start flashing automatically, let it finish to 100%

- Disconnect the USB cable when Flashtool reaches 100% and indicates flashing has finished giving some extra info about activating debugging mode etc (don’t care, that’s optional)
Turn on your phone (press and hold the Power button for some seconds)
The first boot takes some minutes, don’t worry let your phone prepare your Ice Cream Sandwich for you
- Have fun !!

These instructions come from XDA

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