tvOS 9.2 Beta 2 Has Arrived

Robert Murguly Jan 28, 2016 355 No Comments


Apple is a company that takes on its correct operation, and by that seeks to improve how much and how imperceptible in time. Lack bug is a big aspect to this company, and you as a toe. tvOS 9.2 beta 2 was released with iOS 9.3 beta and with watchOS 2.2 Beta 2, OS X… Read more »

VLC Available For Apple TV

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VLC arrived on Apple TV and the app can be downloaded and used for free. VLC is the most loved and used video playback application on the planet. They’re updating their app regularly introducing more and more features that are making the interaction with the user more friendly and simple. The people at Apple have… Read more »

Sennheiser Orpheus

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Sennheiser Orpheus

Sennheiser introduced at CES 2016 Orpehus headphones designed to attract music lovers willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for such a product. With a price tag of $ 50,000, Orpehus Sennheiser headphones promise to delight the ears with the music they play, they having the most advanced music players offered into a pair… Read more »

The Most Well Rounded Android Phone You Can Buy – Nexus 6P Review

Hazen Grass Jan 9, 2016 388 No Comments

Nexus 6P

Okay so if you keep up in the vast world that is technology you’ve heard many people praise the Nexus 6P. Well I bought one And here are my impressions from the first few days with it. My review will come sometime in the future. Let’s start with the unboxing and setup experience. You get… Read more »

The First Portable SSD

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Samsung Portable SSD

Samsung launched its first portable SSD with 2 TB of storage space at CES 2016, the Korean company offering users worldwide the opportunity to store their important data environments that have very high transfer speed. T3 is the name of this new SSD portable Samsung’s, it based on memory V-NAND, which is able to achieve speeds… Read more »

4th Gen Apple TV First Impressions

Kelton Ewing Jan 8, 2016 563 No Comments

Apple TV

I received the new 4th gen Apple TV for christmas and after nearly a fortnight of use here are my observations/first impressions. The new Apple TV is almost twice as tall as the old model, it just fits under my Samsung TV. When I first set it up, the box struck me as being pretty… Read more »

Review Of The Apple Magic Mouse 2

Henry Webster Jan 6, 2016 537 No Comments

Apple Magic Mouse 2

To start off this review I would like to inform anyone interested in buying this mouse that, it requires you to be updated to Apples latest operating system El Capitan, I was unaware of this once purchased and spent an hour trying to work out why the gestures were not functioning. Now, let us being… Read more »

Review Of The Moto 360 2nd Gen

Henry Webster Jan 4, 2016 351 No Comments

Moto 360

After being given a Moto 360 smart watch for Christmas and wearing it now for more than a week, it is safe to say the watch is now my permanent favourite. After deciding to go with an all black theme (designed in the easy to use “Moto Maker”) I received the watch on Christmas day,… Read more »

Mixxx DJ Software

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Mixx Interface

In my years of being a DJ, I only moved to using a laptop a couple of years ago; (better late than never). I wanted a programme that was cheap and ideally free, but also quite advanced but also easy to use. After much speculation and research with friends and online, I found the solution to the problem; Mixxx.… Read more »

The New Apple SD To Lightning Adapter

Robert Murguly Dec 17, 2015 354 No Comments

Apple SD To Lightning

Apple released last week the Smart Battery Case, but separately it has launched a new version of the adapter that allows the transfer of photos and video from an SD card into a terminal iPad or iPhone. At first glance the new cable does not seem to bring many changes, but Apple says it is now… Read more »