Robot Champion To Use Deep Learning To Stock Amazon Shelves

Alex Jul 5, 2016 872 No Comments


In the latest challenge of ‘robotic picking’, Amazon has finally crowned the latest champion. Robotic picking is an annual competition designed to find the best robots, that can pick stuff off a shelf and put them back in again. In this year’s competition, the champion was from the TU Delft Robotics institute which was a… Read more »

Dango – A New Way Of Sending Emoticons On Android

Georgi Koemdzhiev Jul 4, 2016 719 No Comments


Do you use a lot of emoticons when you are texting? If the answer is yes, then you are going to love this app. Dango makes the process of choosing the right emoticon to send so much shorter by presenting you with emoticon suggestions in a floating window style. The app simply appears while you… Read more »

Paranoid Android Custom ROM

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Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android ROM was one of the best AOSP (Android Open Source Project) ROMS out there in the past year with 5.0.1 Lollipop based ROM. Now the team returns with a new instalment based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. They released the first stable version a few days ago (08.06.16), the team has decided to go… Read more »

iOS 10 – WWDC 2016

Robert Murguly Jun 13, 2016 612 No Comments

Apple iOS 10

iOS was launched in 2007. Today it just got the new updated version 10. The new redesigned user experience comes with a new lock screen and also wake up features. Force touch and the Touch ID features have a lot new abilities on your iPhone. With a simple swipe you will now have all you widgets and more.… Read more »

macOS – WWDC 2016

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Apple Store

OS X is the new for the most beloved operating system for the Apple products. Today they changed it’s name into macOS. The version launched with the name is macOS Sierra. Auto Unlock is a feature that helps everyone of us to unlock our Macs into seconds. Everything is connected, your phone, watch and Mac… Read more »

tvOS – WWDC 2016

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tvOS is a platform launched by Apple this year with the new Apple TV 4. At the moment this is the first upgrade they made it to the platform. Sling is an app that offers a lot of TV programs. It will be available today. The new Remote app for iPhone is made specially for Apple TV… Read more »

WatchOS 3 – WWDC 2016

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Apple WatchOS was launched a year ago with the new smartwatch called the Apple Watch. It had a huge impact to the people from the whole world. Today, at the WWDC 2016 Apple launched the new WatchOS 3 with a lot of new improvements. WatchOS3 comes with a lot of new Watch faces, complications and… Read more »

Should You Be Excited About OnePlus 3?

Georgi Koemdzhiev Jun 9, 2016 592 No Comments


The Chinese company, OnePlus has been in the mobile phone marked for two good years now and has proven to offer extremely good quality phones at very convenient prices. The company’s first smartphone – OnePlus One was a major hit in the mobile marked, its got a 13 MP camera, good design, 5.5” LPS screen,… Read more »

Android Instant Apps

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This year at Google I/O, Google gave us a lot of reasons to be excited about what is coming in the future. It announced two new messaging apps Allo and Duo, Google Home, the new platform for VR – Daydream and a lot more. One of the biggest and most exciting announcements was “Android Instant… Read more »

Beme – The New Social Platform For Being Yourself

Georgi Koemdzhiev May 25, 2016 649 No Comments

Beme Logo

What is Beme you may ask? It is a new social media application that allows you to capture the world not looking through your phone . Imagine Snapchat but without the fancy image filters, “likes” or emoticons. Beme is short for “Be me” or be yourself. The person behind the idea of the app is… Read more »