Visit QNAP at IoT Tech Expo Global 2017 and Join IoT Hackathon to Make Things Work

Yo Lun Yen Jan 22, 2017 62238 5 Comments


At IoT Tech Expo Global 2017, QNAP® Systems, Inc. will showcase the unique QIoT Suite Lite software and demonstrate its grand vision of “NAS as Private IoT Cloud Platform”. QNAP is also proud to host the IoT Hackathon for Makers and coding enthusiasts to experience NAS as a private cloud solution to build IoT applications.… Read more »

QNAP Announces Cost-efficient TS-x31P NAS Series Powered by ARM Cortex-A15 Dual-core Processor, Ideal for Home & Small Offices

Yo Lun Yen Nov 15, 2016 18909 17 Comments


QNAP® Systems, Inc. released the TS-x31P NAS series, including the TS-131P, TS-231P, and TS-431P. Powered by an AnnapurnaLabs, an Amazon company Alpine AL-212 dual-core 1.7GHz processor, this series provides a high-performance and secure private cloud NAS solution tailored for home, SOHO and workgroup users. In addition to basic requirements such as file storage, sharing and backup, the… Read more »

QNAP Partners with Xopero Software to Provide Xopero Backup software solution on QNAP NAS

Yo Lun Yen Nov 7, 2016 2631 1 Comment


QNAP® Systems, Inc. announced a partnership with Xopero Software, a leading developer of enterprise-class solutions for data security and business continuity, to provide a backup solution for protecting up to three endpoints (computers and laptops) by backing up data to a QNAP NAS. Xopero extends the functionality of QNAP NAS and transforms it into a… Read more »

QNAP Linux Station Fully Integrated with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for Comprehensive NAS Multimedia Applications

Yo Lun Yen Oct 24, 2016 9075 3 Comments


QNAP® Systems, Inc. announced that QNAP Linux Station is fully integrated with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS to provide complete multimedia applications. With HDMI output, QNAP NAS goes beyond being simple storage and provides a Home Theater PC solution for a complete home entertainment experience. Since the launch of HD Station, QNAP has greatly focused on open-source… Read more »

QNAP Releases Qcontactz Beta for Centrally Managing Contact Information

Yo Lun Yen Oct 13, 2016 3157 No Comments


QNAP® Systems, Inc. released the beta version of Qcontactz, an app that allows users to securely store a near-unlimited number of contacts on their QNAP NAS. With the ability to quickly import, manage, and find contact information, Qcontactz is the ideal method for storing valuable personal and business networking resources. Qcontactz is easy-to-use for its fundamental… Read more »

The 10GbE-built-in TS-EC1280U R2 NAS Receives Significant Feedback from Business Users

Yo Lun Yen Oct 13, 2016 1080 No Comments


QNAP® Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that the enterprise-class rackmount TS-EC1280U R2 NAS has received significant feedback from business users. With two built-in SFP+ based 10GbE ports while keeping the same price tag as the previous TS-EC1280U, the TS-EC1280U R2 enhances IOPS-demanding applications such as virtualisation, databases, multimedia online editing, and large file transfer… Read more »

QNAP TVS-x82T and TVS-x82 NAS Series Support Upgradable RAM to 64 GB

Yo Lun Yen Sep 21, 2016 1047 No Comments


QNAP® Systems, Inc. announced that its high-performance business-class TVS-x82T NAS series and TVS-x82 Thunderbolt™ NAS series, powered by 6th Generation Intel® 14nm multi-core processors, support upgrading the RAM to a maximum of 64 GB for optimal performance in memory-intensive applications such as virtualization. Featuring an advanced hardware design based on the concept of tiered storage, application-based… Read more »

QNAP Launched Dual-core NAS TS-251A and TS-451A, Featuring a USB QuickAccess Port and Supporting 4K Video Playback and Transcoding

Yo Lun Yen Sep 13, 2016 1231 1 Comment


QNAP® Systems, Inc. launched the release of the dual-core 2-bay TS-251A and the 4-bay TS-451A. These models feature a unique USB QuickAccess port to directly connect them to computers via USB 3.0, offering great plug-and-use convenience to access files stored on the NAS with up to 100 MB/s throughput. Coupled with NAS and iSCSI SAN… Read more »

ASAP Launcher – A New Kind Of Launcher Experience

Georgi Koemdzhiev Jul 19, 2016 1474 1 Comment

ASAP Launcher

Recently a new fresh launcher was released and it is called ASAP Launcher. It is developed by Tim Clark and the current version is v1.16 as if the time of this writing. What is special about it is the fact it is unique in comparison to the rest of the launchers currently available. I have… Read more »

Use “Deep Learning” To Create Art Masterpieces [Tutorial]

Georgi Koemdzhiev Jul 18, 2016 2212 No Comments

Featured Image

Would you like to create unique art like the painting above? You can do that very easily and the results are very interesting. You can create masterpieces that can be compared to the work of some of the greatest painters ever lived such as Pablo Picasso, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh and others. You can do that using a… Read more »

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