WatchOS 3 – WWDC 2016

Robert Murguly Jun 13, 2016 432 No Comments


Apple WatchOS was launched a year ago with the new smartwatch called the Apple Watch. It had a huge impact to the people from the whole world.

Today, at the WWDC 2016 Apple launched the new WatchOS 3 with a lot of new improvements. WatchOS3 comes with a lot of new Watch faces, complications and the new app launch technology.

Apple resolved the most annoying problem at the Apple Watch. This is the moment when it annoys you when an app is loading. You will not have to wait anymore, with the new launch technology, apps are responding immediately and are starting right up.

The new Control Center is made exactly like on your iPhone, simply and cleverer to use. The new WatchOS 3 comes with a new app switching mode, like the background app switcher.

Furthermore, WatchOS3 has now a new emergency call mode. If you need to immediately call emergency and you’re travelling and not knowing the emergency number, the Apple Watch will know it, and also send them a location and the emergency contacts via SMS.

Now you can share your activity info with friends and also send your heart beat via a message. They improved the activity app for using at maximal potential for those in wheelchair too. The most awesome feature they launched today is the new Scribble feature. Now you can write your message in the reply options.

The new Breathe App is a new relaxing app that will help you live a better day everyday, have a healthy lifestyle.


The developer prerelease will be available today and the free upgrade will be available in fall.


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