QNAP Partners with Xopero Software to Provide Xopero Backup software solution on QNAP NAS

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QNAP® Systems, Inc. announced a partnership with Xopero Software, a leading developer of enterprise-class solutions for data security and business continuity, to provide a backup solution for protecting up to three endpoints (computers and laptops) by backing up data to a QNAP NAS.

Xopero extends the functionality of QNAP NAS and transforms it into a professional backup appliance with a centralised management panel to control and monitor data. Xopero also ensures zero downtime by allowing users to launch backups as virtual machines directly from their QNAP with Xopero Smart Recovery.

“Xopero Backup is a unique software solution for a pressing client need: unless they’re a large enterprise, they probably can’t afford cutting-edge data recovery and business continuity tools,” said Xopero CEO Lukasz Jesis. “Small and medium businesses have needed to rely on solutions that are centered on archiving data – like backup NAS or off-site backups. Xopero takes the idea of containerisation and applies it to all data. No matter what happens, users can instantly run virtual machines of their tablets, PCs – or even servers – and experience almost no downtime. These features have long been available for organisations that can spend $10,000 a month on business continuity, but now users only need to spend 1% of that to get the same experience on their QNAP NAS. With simplified installation and management, smaller businesses will see what we mean when we say ‘Xopero works. So you can, too.’”

Every version of Xopero’s backup suite includes Xopero Smart Recovery technology, allowing users to instantly launch a virtual machine of their data – even if the original device is inaccessible or unavailable. Additionally, users can benefit from centrally-managed backup and data migration tools. Xopero also ensures data security with 256-bit encryption and a unique combination of best-in-class security parameters.


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One comment on “QNAP Partners with Xopero Software to Provide Xopero Backup software solution on QNAP NAS

  1. Pierre on


    I only got macs, and there is no application on OS X for Xopero yet. Is there a way to configure Xopero without the CLI or a PC ? I mean only using a browser ?

    thanks for your help


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