macOS – WWDC 2016

Robert Murguly Jun 13, 2016 727 No Comments

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OS X is the new for the most beloved operating system for the Apple products. Today they changed it’s name into macOS. The version launched with the name is macOS Sierra.

Auto Unlock is a feature that helps everyone of us to unlock our Macs into seconds. Everything is connected, your phone, watch and Mac together.

They have launched a new optimization feature that let’s you keep your old files into the cloud and having a lot more free space. They’re compressing them into a way that frees the space up to 50%.

Also, Apple Pay comes to web. You can buy products via Apple pay on different websites and you need to confirm the payment with just a fingerprint on your iPhone. Everything is so simple created that you don’t need to keep all that bank info in your brain or have all of your bank cards laying around.



Picture in Picture on web, now you can see your beloved video while working on a project or something. You just move your video where do you want.

Siri is on MAC!!!!!! Siri is now available on the macOS. Siri can search on web and also in your files and a lot of tags. You can simply search for photos on description and Siri will find them. While working on a slideshow Siri can play music for you or something else without leaving the app. You can directly use what Siri founds with drag and drop. Now you can simply copy something on your iPad and simply paste it on mac.

The Developer Preview will be available today, public beta in July and free upgrade in fall.

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