iOS 10 – WWDC 2016

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Apple iOS 10

iOS was launched in 2007. Today it just got the new updated version 10.

The new redesigned user experience comes with a new lock screen and also wake up features. Force touch and the Touch ID features have a lot new abilities on your iPhone. With a simple swipe you will now have all you widgets and more. Control centre was also updated with new redesigned buttons.

You can have previews from 3rd party applications thanks to the new force touch.

Siri services over 2 billion requests

Siri is now open to developers. It is a huge change to the developer world, now Siri will be available for much more information and addons. Siri can now search for photos and also do payments. Via carplay now you can simply respond to your messages and search for information.

Siri now can offer relevant responds to messages. If you got a new message with ‘ Where are you?’ Siri offers you the option to send your current location.

The keyboard now supports Quicktype alternating languages.

Photos now comes with Object and Scene recognition and also face recognition. The photos will be more structured and arranged for a better search and also for better grouping.

Memories feature in the photos app can automatically arrange your photos via people and places. It can automatically arrange some best photos and also at the bottom the map. At the top, the iPhone can create a video for our memories. It has predefined songs based on moods. Mac get’s the photos features too.

The biggest news is Maps. It is more proactive designed. It is all well grouped and more information in smaller places. It gives now traffic information and automatic zoom at the corners. It comes on Carplay too and is interconnected via the mini car computer. Maps is also available for developers from today. Especially for bookings at restaurants, paying via apple pay, using uber everything via maps, not leaving the app.

This extensions are available to all developers.

Music was also updated. The designed is well refined and keep track of your everyday features. Everything is organised in folders. It has a new recently downloaded or listened section.

Over 500.000 subscribers on Apple Music.

Lyrics are now part from Apple Music App. They’ve got a new “For you” tab. It takes the information o what type of music do you listen to and offers you similar artists and songs. Beats1 is coming the largest radio on the world. You can play Beats1 live sections.

60 Million News Active Users

Homekit is now available via a new app called Home where all your accessories are available at your control. Siri is also connected with your home via that app. Geofence is also interconnected with your Homekit.

Phone now comes with Voicemail Transcription and a Spam detection. 3rd party apps will not notify with notifications anymore, they will be available to use the system features. Like whats app call, will now be available with the same interface like a face time call.

Messages comes with link preview. Video playing right in the messages app. The emoji will now be 3x times bigger and also coming intro predictions. You can simply tap to replace words with emojis. Bubble effects will be available too on the new iOS 10 and Tapback and handwritten messages right in messages app. It also has full screen effects. Messages will also be available to developers.

The Notes app gets a huge update alsp. You can now work with other people online just via the new Notes app.

iOS 10 Developer Preview will be available today, public beta in July and free for upgrade this fall.

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