How To Run Mac OS X Yosemite On A Windows Pc

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When I first moved to Mac OS X in September of 2014, I loved the operating system so much that I almost instantly wanted to run it on my windows laptop. After finding a way to do it (and halfway through the process of it), I found out that you had to partition your hard drive. I didn’t want to do this as I didn’t have another copy of windows to install on one of the partitions. In the end I found a way around this just using USB sticks.

Here is what you need:

•A mac that has access to the mac App Store and can download Yosemite

• Two USB sticks (8GB or larger)

What you need to do first is download OS X Yosemite off the mac app store so then you can put out on a USB stick using UniBeast.

Create a UniBeast using one of the usb sticks.

Insert one of the usb sticks into your mac and open disk utility and then highlight your usb stick and go to partition and select one partition. Then select options and “Master Boot Record”. under name place a name that you want your boot to be called i chose OS X. set the format to “Mac OS X (journaled) then apply and then partition download UniBeast then “continue continue continue and agree” at destination select choose your usb drive then continue. Then choose Yosemite then continue if your on a laptop choose laptop support enter your password and click install.

Download MultiBeast and drag it to your usb drive.

Then plug your other usb stick into your mac and open disc utility select the drive and then options and select “GUID Partition Table” and apply.

After this boot from the USB drive and install mac OS X on the other USB drive you have completed and then you can run mac OS X on your laptop.

Thanks for reading if you have any problems please let me know in the comments and i’ll try my best to help.

3 comments on “How To Run Mac OS X Yosemite On A Windows Pc

  1. Bradley Smith on

    Hi Bass

    if you want too install the software onto another usb stick so all you have to do is boot from the usb stick for mac OS X then this is the format it has to be otherwise you need to partition your laptop/pc hard drive.

    Hope that helps


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