Beme – The New Social Platform For Being Yourself

Georgi Koemdzhiev May 25, 2016 558 No Comments

Beme Logo

What is Beme you may ask? It is a new social media application that allows you to capture the world not looking through your phone . Imagine Snapchat but without the fancy image filters, “likes” or emoticons. Beme is short for “Be me” or be yourself. The person behind the idea of the app is the famous youtuber Casey Neistat. The app has been in the works for more than a year. Casey and his team have been improving it since 2015. The app has gathered a lot of interest due to its creative way of sharing your videos.

The app has a unique way of taking a photo or a video. You simply have to cover the ambient sensor of your device with your finger for example by putting it on your chest. It takes a second and it starts recording, when you are ready for publishing you just lift your device up and the video will be uploaded. On the other social media apps such as Facebook or Instagram, you express your reactions by pressing either the “Like” or “Heart” button. In Beme, all send your face reaction to the video by pressing the “React” button. After doing so you will send a selfie to the person’s video.

This is an app that has a lot of potential, in my testing I have found it to be very reliable, easy and fun to use. “We’re giving the world a tool to share what their life is like, to share what their perspective is like. And that’s very different from a tool for them to create” says Casey.

Beme Logo

Beme Logo

The app is very popular already on both Android Play Store and Apples’s App Store. with more than 100 000 installs solely on Android.
The application is available for Android and iPhone. So what are you waiting for, check it out and be you!

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